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Sweet Escape, Sweet Success for Your Indoor Hockey Game

Want to dominate the indoor pitch? According to national team members Ali Campbell and Katie Gerzabek, you better have a killer escape and drag flick.

These moves are practically gold in field hockey – especially in the indoor game where points stack up quickly, there’s less room to run, and even less time to make your play.

To get you started, we’ve got a skills demo featuring two of our favorites (yup, you guessed it - Ali and Katie!), with step-by-step instructions and practical, high-impact tips to improve your technique. Check it out below and then upload your own escape or drag flick demo with the hashtag #MyPlayHugeMove.

THE ESCAPE - Speed, spin and control

The escape is exactly that – a chance to outmaneuver the defender and escape with the ball. The key to a successful escape? Full-body flow.

Too often with the escape, players focus on perfecting their hand-to-stick technique and forget about footwork. In the indoor game, every movement is magnified, so you can’t afford a misstep! Ali’s advice? Practice moving your feet in sync with your hands and stick, from the second you hook the ball to the moment you make a break for it.

See how many times you can hook in 60 seconds!

Let’s be honest…the escape is a risky move (it’s basically asking for a foul call), but that’s kinda the best part. When you complete the move without spinning into your opponent, it makes your success that much sweeter. Katie’s key to a sweet escape? Get low and spin away from your opponent, moving up-field as quickly as possible to retain control of the ball and get a line of sight on the goal.

The escape only works if you move quickly – but in your rush to hook and get up-field, don’t compromise precision! Run the drill again and again (and again) until you find your rhythm.

DRAG FLICK - Bring it and sling it

In indoor hockey, you have less time to shoot – the pitch is smaller, the game is faster and if you don’t take the shot, someone else will take it for you (or from you). That’s why you gotta go for the drag flick.

The drag flick is an eye-catching scoring technique that keeps pace with the game and allows you to earn some serious points while at a significant distance from the goal.

One of the best things about the drag flick is that there’s room to make it your own. Both Ali and Katie flick for the national team, but each girl has her own signature style.

Ali’s got a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast release, and she always gets up close and personal with the ball. Katie likes to give the ball a little more space and drag her stick a little longer for an extra power boost behind her flick.


#GerzPower #GirlPower

A killer escape and drag flick is sure to impress your coach, teammates and even your opponent. Looking for other ways to differentiate yourself on the field? Team USA and Great Britain athletes share their best advice on how to stand out to your coach.