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Skill & Drill: How to Air Dribble Like Jeroen Hertzberger

If you’re a striker, making your next move a surprise is crucial to getting past your defender. That’s why HC Rotterdam’s Jeroen Hertzberger pushes players to use air dribbling when they’re up against a swift challenger. 

With 35 goals in just six seasons, Hertzberger currently holds the title for all-time top scorer in the Euro Hockey LeagueNow the international hockey star is giving us an inside look at one of his go-to winning moves.

Here’s a step-by-step guide from Hertzberger on how a simple change in direction while your ball is in the air can provide a jolt to your game and leave your opponent scrambling to keep up:

Want to brush with greatness? Check out the stick Hertzberger himself uses to crush it on the field — the STX XT 901.