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#STXOneThing: Take Your Drills To The Next Level!

Our weekly #STXOneThing Instagram videos are designed to make you better. We love seeing that more than 10,000 of you are watching each week, allowing @stxwlax to play a small part in strengthening important aspects of your game.

Here, we take our Top 5 #STXOneThing drills one step further for you:

1. Shooting Drill

This drill will not only add accuracy to your shot, but your passing too. All you need is yourself, your stick and a bucket of balls. Aim for 100 total reps, 50 on each side. The easiest way to keep up with this is make it a part of your training routine. Every player can gain something from this drill!

Amp this Drill Up: To make it a little harder, put a shooting net in the cage and include some targets.

2. Improving Your Catch


Improving your catch should always be an area of focus when training. Be sure to split your stance, which allows your body to naturally give when you're catching. The hand your catching with is the foot you want backwards - if you're catching with your right hand, your right foot will be back and left foot forward.

Take It To The Next Level: Flip your stick backwards, as I do in the video. You can also have a teammate vary the balls used and call out the color as you catch.

Pro Tip -  Turn it into a contest with yourself! Keep track of how many you can catch out of 10 with your left hand, right hand, and the back of your stick. How many can you catch before you drop it?

3. Strengthen Your Wrists

When you are focused on getting stronger, don't forget about your wrists! Your wrists are what will give you control come game-time. You should run this drill 2-3 times per week or really, anytime you're out training. The main thing is to think about what you can do with what you already have. Not having a certain piece of equipment should never be an excuse to not work on something.

Turn it Up a Notch: Try tossing the ball as high as you can or add detachable weights to the end of the stick.

4. Practice That Draw

Practicing the draw is arguably the most important play, so this drill is extremely important. Winning the draw gives your team possession, which can help set up your team for a win. Instead of having to go 110 yards, if you win the draw, you only have to go about 50-60. Remember: your MINDSET is the most important thing in the draw! It is not your quickness, strength or if you're cheating. If you want the ball, if you are hungrier than your competition, you will come up with it.

Get Better Faster: The best way to do this drill is to compete against a teammate. Whoever comes up with the ball the most, wins.

5. How to Get Out of a Double Team

To avoid a double team, keeping your head up and always looking 180 degrees across the field is crucial. If you do get stuck in a double team, DO NOT turn around and always keep your feet moving! Read what they're giving you: when they take away one angle, another will present itself. Try to take the two defenders backwards and then split between the two.

Challenge Yourself: Play with the guys – if you can get past that long stick, you can dominate the women’s field.

For more ways to step up your game, click the link to hear from Sloane Serpe and her favorite footwork drills!