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Liz Hogan’s Top 3 Lacrosse Goalie Drills: Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination and Speed

As Syracuse’s all-time leader in saves (a jaw-dropping 660) and ground balls (181), Liz Hogan’s goalie skills are second-to-none. But how does she stay at the top of her game? The Team USA goalie says it’s all about getting back to the basics and refining your core skills.

Here are her top drill picks to improve your hand-eye coordination, stick placement and power to give you a leg up on the competition.

Drill 1: The Baseball Glove Save

This drill’s all about hand-eye coordination. By using a baseball glove — which has a much smaller surface area than your goalie stick — you’ll be forced to be even more precise in your movements as you track the ball and go in for the save.

Drill 2: The Long Pole Save

Using a defensive long pole serves as a physical reminder to push your hands out and turn when making a save — if you forget and drop your hands, the shaft will hit the ground.

Drill 3: The Heavy Shaft – No Head Save

The extra weight of the shaft forces you to use more power and the small ball matched with the smaller surface area of the tip of the shaft is meant to improve hand-eye coordination and hand speed.

Behind every successful athlete is the right equipment to support their playing style and instincts. Check out Liz’s go-to handle and head when she hits the field for Team USA or the WPLL Pride.

Liz isn’t just known for her ability to defend the goal — her teammates and coaches look to her as a leader on and off the field. Here are some reflections from Liz on how to be a leader, no matter what your position on the team.