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How to Stay in Shape During the Off-season

With holiday leftovers and cold(ish) weather, the offseason can be difficult to stay in shape. It’s tough to power through the next few months and get ready for regular practices again. We asked some of our STX athletes how they stay motivated during the winter and to share their tips to prepare for the upcoming season!

Check it out below and share your own offseason workout tips with us by tagging @STXmlax, @STXwlax or @STXFH with #WinterWorkout.

Slone Serpe - Team USA Lacrosse

I do cardio four to five times a week and lift at least twice a week. A typical week of workouts for me includes hill sprints, a spin class, upper body lifting, treadmill workouts, lower body lifting and then another spin class.


Ali McEvoy - Team USA Field Hockey

A usual week of training with Team USA is six days a week. We have a combo of gym and pitch sessions - along with fitness on and off the pitch. So needless to say, it's usually a busy week!

#ProTip: Get moving at least once a day! My fiancé Eric and I have a dog, Bodee, who we take to the park and let her run wild so we can chase after her. Pick a fun exercise and get people to join you. It's hard to stay motivated when you have to go off by yourself. I try to get most of my family involved so we can get moving together! 


Will Manny - Boston Cannons

I use winter workouts to get in great shape and then try to maintain that throughout training camp, where workout intensity settles down a bit. I do timed circuits five days a week – Monday is a core circuit and body weight work, Tuesday and Thursday are mostly legs and Wednesday and Friday I focus on upper body workouts. I also try to get some sort of cardio in each week –like running or wall ball. Running 17’s (Running 20 yards, from the restraining line to midfield line, 17 times) is great for endurance as well as change of direction.

Davey Emala - Boston Cannons

It can be hard to stay motivated without regular practices, but I try to workout five days a week and plan out each week with a new focus. For example, one week I’ll choose to work on footwork with ladder or cone drills for agility. The next week, I’ll focus on upper body strength and hit the weights especially hard. If regular gym workouts aren’t your thing, find a group of other players to compete with. Play some 3-v-3 lacrosse or pickup basketball. And if you need new ideas to change things up, ask a teammate about their workouts. Scott Ratliff from the Cannons always has a great workout routine so I usually talk with him to see what new ideas he has that I can add into mine. 

#ProTip: The winter is a great time to build good habits for the upcoming season. There are small things you can do now that will help out a lot down the road. At UNC, my strength and conditioning coach always told us to stretch any chance we got. This helps prevent injury, but also helps with speed and agility.