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What's Different About Indoor Hockey and Why You Should Try It

What differentiates indoor from outdoor hockey (besides air conditioning)? Smaller fields, more playing time, and different rules make for the perfect opportunity to hone your skill and precision! 

We caught up with #TeamSTX to get their take on indoor vs.'s what they had to say:

Katie Gerzabek, Forward, Mayhem Main Line Field Hockey Club

Indoor vs. outdoor - what's your take? Two very different games - Indoor hockey is very fast paced and focuses a lot on the technical skill. Because you cannot rely on being able to use 3D skills, quick hands and decision making are crucial for success! I also love how quick a game can change. Even if you are four goals down, with the size of the court and the speed of the game, you can catch up in a matter of minutes. 

Favorite stick or piece of equipment? I currently play with the STX Surgeon-i (pictured above!) and I love it. It has a low bow which is really beneficial for me as a drag flicker on corners. It allows me to generate a lot of power and whip for corner shots and in the field of play.

Hobbies outside of hockey? I love to travel and explore different cultures. I also like to paint...I’m not the best drawer, but I love to paint different sayings and quotes on canvas to hang around my house or to give to others. [See Katie pictured below with a lion in South Africa!]

As indoor season wraps…have to ask: Favorite food to binge on in the offseason? CHOCOLATE!!! Chocolate is definitely my weakness. I have such a sweet tooth.

Will Arthur, Midfielder and Captain, East Grindstead Hockey Club

What do you like about indoor vs. outdoor hockey? As someone with a math and finance background, I really appreciate the structural elements of indoor hockey. The speed of the game is such that an organized team can play to a level greater than the sum of its parts. Goals get scored so quickly, building up momentum that drives the game. Momentum is EVERYTHING in indoor hockey.

Do you have a favorite stick or piece of equipment? I use the STX Stallion-i stick. It has a great feel to it – not too stiff. The bow isn’t too extreme, which suits my game perfectly.

Any pre-game rituals or superstitions? When I’m putting on my shoes, shocks, and shin pads, I always go left before right. Without fail. If I did it the other way around, I feel like I’d end up running in circles. (Click here for deets on athlete lucky charms!)

Words of wisdom for aspiring young players who hope to be in your shoes one day? Don't be afraid to play out of position. Hockey is such a free flowing sport that the skills transfer up and down the pitch. That’s how I ended up playing with guys who are much better than I am, and playing to the standard. 

Phillip Ball, Forward, Wimbledon Hockey Club 

Biggest difference between indoor and outdoor in your opinion? Indoor hockey is quicker and there are less players, so when you’re on the field, you’re always involved! Indoor demands a high level of individual skill because there are more restrictions (no lifting the ball) and you are playing in a more confined space.

Favorite stick or piece of equipment? I use the STX Stallion-i. It's strong and lightweight, enabling you to keep up with the pace of the game, quickly get away from danger, and stay high energy!

Any pre-game rituals or superstitions? Does a good night's sleep count?

Hobbies outside of hockey? Street art. Playing cricket with my mates. Also, the live music scene in London is pretty cool, and I try to get to a couple of gigs a year.

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