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What Does International Women’s Day Mean to You?

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Every woman's journey is different and everyone has a unique understanding of what this day honors and celebrates — from celebrating the women in your own life, to honoring the achievements of women around the world, to advocating for the rights of women to vote.

We asked a few of our STX athletes what this day means to them. Here are their candid reflections, plus a few ideas of how to celebrate:


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1. Honor the women in your own life — and seek to learn more about them! You never know what stories you might discover.

This day makes me reflect on the positive female influences and role models I’ve had in my life — women who were not afraid to dream big and push themselves and others out of their comfort zones. My grandmother is a nuclear scientist. She was a single mother of three who put herself through college and excelled in a male-dominated profession. She continues to inspire and encourage me.

- Dempsey Arsenault, Boston College ‘19, WPLL Brave Midfield

2. Reflect on your personal responsibility in the fight for equality.


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International Women’s day is so important because it allows everyone to honor the important women in their own lives who are striving for greatness, and the women who are creating change across the world. I use this day to reflect on what I’m doing as a woman to help break the barriers women in the workplace continue to face. I encourage others to reflect on their own lives and what steps they can take to make this world a more inclusive and equal place. 

- Lindsey Ronbeck, University of Florida ‘19, WPLL Fight Attack 

3. Educate yourself on the impact of women around the world — those who have come before us and those who are doing amazing work right now to inspire change.


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I think one of the greatest things about International Women's Day is that it spotlights influential women that you might not otherwise hear about. It’s important for the world to recognize the accomplishments of others, especially those who have historically been overlooked, so as a society we can continue to grow from the progress they've made. I use this day to reflect on the progress that female athletes have made before me and to dream about what the world of women's sports might look like in the future.

- Liz Hogan, University of Syracuse ‘11, WPLL Pride Goalie

4. Celebrate and support the organizations that give women a platform.


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Personally, I think of the WPLL and how it’s given me the opportunity to play professional lacrosse after college. I’m so encouraged by the growing number of women able to play sports after college and how it gives young girls something more to strive for.

- Dempsey Arsenault, Boston College ‘19, WPLL Brave Midfield

5. Start conversations — in your schools, on your teams, in your families — about the gaps that still exist. Seek to build bridges that lead people to action.


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On this day, I reflect on all the women that have influenced my life, whether I know them personally or not. Whether it's my mom, coach, teammate, or a role model who directly impacted me in some way. It's such a special day to celebrate and remember all the women that have paved the way and led us to where we are today — and where we're headed. I believe that we’ve reached a critical time for women in sports — we’re more powerful than we’ve ever been and more voices are continuing to rise up. It's also a time to reflect on the work that still needs to be done in terms of equality between men and women in sports, in the workplace and positions of power.  

- Michelle Tumolo, University of Syracuse ‘13, WPLL Fire Attack

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