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University of Maryland Alum Meg Douty: I’m Excited to See Where Women’s Lacrosse Will Go Next

She's won just about every "Defender of the Year" award you can in lacrosse from the ACC to the Big Ten to IWLCA. She's been a consistent name on Team USA's roster since 2014 and now, she's establishing herself as a true leader and voice for the sport. 

For University of Maryland alum Meg Douty, getting to where she is now playing professional ball and running her own lacrosse program All Lax  was a culmination of attacking challenges head on, committing to her goals and always striving to be the hardest worker on the field.

We sat down with the former Terrapin to get an inside look at her journey and how she’s looking to change the game.

As a kid who played a lot of sports, how did you decide to move forward with lacrosse as your main focus?

No matter what season it was, lacrosse was always the sport I fell back on. I was always outside practicing, even after getting home from other sports practices. Over time, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to play it at the next level. That being said, playing so many sports growing up has really molded the way I coach. Being able to compare different sports helps younger athletes more easily transition to lacrosse.

What was the most challenging time in your lacrosse career and how did you grow from it?

The transition from high school to college was definitely the most challenging. There was a fear of what to expect at the college level. My first year, I remember working harder than I ever had in order to put myself in the best position for a chance to play at Maryland. I learned that with hard work and giving your all, anything is possible  something I live by to this day.


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What's the best part about playing for Team USA?

Being able to represent our country with such amazing women is incredible. Every teammate I’ve been lucky enough to play with is supportive, hardworking and not afraid to push herself or her teammates. The relationships I’ve made through the USA organization are friendships I will have and cherish forever.


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What does it mean to you to be a woman in sports during such a pivotal time for female athletes? 

It’s a really special experience playing right now and being on the forefront of the professionalism of the sport. Watching the game grow so exponentially and continue to gain recognition is incredible. I’m excited to see where women’s lacrosse will go next  one day, I hope to see us in the Olympics, mirroring what women’s soccer looks like today.


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What inspired you to create All Lax? What's most exciting about the journey for you and Alex? 

Alex and I started All Lax as a training opportunity for girls in our community. What started as camps, clinics and small group trainings eventually evolved into a club  we currently have seven teams in just our second year. The biggest reward is watching these girls grow as athletes and individuals through the game we love. We absolutely love lacrosse and being able to do it every day as our “job” is a blessing.


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What are your fitness goals? What's one you're working towards right now?

My fitness goals are always relative to lacrosse. I push myself every day to consistently compete at the next level as if I was still playing in college. I like to add high-intensity training into my workout regimen to build my muscular endurance and keep my body at peak performance. 


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We hear you have a few other hobbies including boating and cooking…

For as long as I can remember, my dad and I would spend most of our Sundays in the summer out on our boat. Being on the river is so peaceful and relaxing, and sharing the special bond with him was the best part. We’d always cook together, and that was when I really fell in love with it. One of my favorite meals to make is spaghetti and clams  garlic, pasta, clams, and parsley  so simple but so delicious!


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Even when she was playing other sports, Douty was out in her backyard honing her lacrosse skills  here’s one of her favorite backyard lacrosse drills to improve your footwork.

Play like a pro defender with Douty’s stick set-up  the Fortress 700.