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Skill & Drill Roundup: Keep your Skills Sharp while Social Distancing

Sitting at home, sad that the spring season was cut short? Us too.

But as we watch what’s happening around our country and the world, we know it was the right decision. Only by coming together to stay apart will we fight this sickness. 

In the meantime, we rounded up some of Team STX’s favorite backyard drills to help keep your skills sharp. 

From the attacker to the goalie, and every position in between, there's something for everyone! To get a level up on your opponent, run the drills for the opposite position so you can anticipate their moves when you’re back in the game.

1. Shuffle, Pivot and Backpedal drill with Team USA defender Meg Douty 

Footwork skills are critical for a strong defender to stay on their opponent and send the ball back down the field. Here’s one of Douty’s go-to box exercises to practice shuffling, pivoting and backpedaling. 

Get Douty’s stick set-up, the Fortress 700, here.

2. Split & Dodge drill with WPLL Fire midfielder Molly Hendrick 

It’s all about building on the basics. Improve your hand-eye-stick coordination with this dodge drill from Tar Heels’ alum Molly Hendrick.

To dominate the midfield, check out Hendrick’s weapon of choice — the Exult 600 head and handle. 

3. Bounce Back Crease Drills with Team USA attacker Michelle Tumolo

The World Cup champion and Syracuse alum shares two quick shooting drills to help improve your accuracy when you’re caught in the crease. 

For the ultimate attacker set-up, consider Tumolo’s stick pick — the Crux 600. 

4. Three Strategies to Protect the Cage with Team USA goalie Liz Hogan

The Baseball Glove Save

The Long Pole Save

The Heavy Shaft – No Head Save

For maximum performance and mobility in the net, check out Hogan’s goalie head — the Eclipse II.  

5. Ladder Footwork Drills with University of North Carolina (Class ’14) defender Sloane Serpe 

Set up in your backyard or basement for this quick DIY drill to improve your footwork — all you need is a rope ladder. 

The All-American defender swears by the same stick as Douty, the Fortress 700

In this time, it’s important that we lean on each other for inspiration and encouragement. Here are some of the women who inspire us!