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My Story with JT Miller

Parents can play an incredible role in the future successes of their kids. In almost every aspect of life, the impact a parent can have on their child’s trajectory is invaluable. Ask Tampa Bay Lightning forward JT Miller about where his career is today. He’ll tell you about the car rides his dad piloted from his home in Ohio to youth hockey practice in Pittsburgh four nights a week.

He’ll be quick to detail the endless sacrifices his parents made to help his NHL dream come true. From the regular pilgrimages across state lines for practice and games, to traveling across the country for tournaments, Miller knows it was his parents’ passion, support, and sacrifices that played a major role in his current success on the ice.

Miller also knows it takes more than just skill and dedication to make it at the highest level. He credits his time at the USA Hockey National Team Development Program with teaching him maturity and professionalism on and off the ice — and notes those lessons as instrumental in his professional success.

Learn more about Miller’s journey to the NHL, why he never let the shuffle between the minors and pros impact his outlook, and what it took for him to feel stability in his career:

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