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Michelle Tumolo: My Five Things

It’s no secret the Philly Force and Team USA midfielder is one of our all-time faves. Sooo we decided it was time to go deep and learn a little more about what makes her tick, on and off the field. In our new My Five with Michelle series, we ask the Team USA star to share a little more about her life with “top five” lists.

In our first edition, we asked Michelle “If you had to sell everything you own and could only keep five things, what would you choose?” Here’s what she had to say…

1. My lacrosse stick obvs – can’t be without it! Right now, my set-up is the Crux 600 head paired with the Exult 600 shaft and the GripRx. I love it because it’s super lightweight and the texture of the shaft makes it really easy to maneuver. The GripRx is a new butt end I’ve been using and I’ve noticed a real improvement in my game since adding it to my wand! 

[For moves like Michelle, check out the Crux 600.] 

2. My dog, Flanny. If you can’t tell by my Instagram (@mtumolo35), I’m obsessed with my furry son. I adopted him back in July of 2016. He’s a Wheaton Terrier with LOADS of energy. He literally says “hi” to everyone who walks by – I call it the Wheaton Greeting. I could be gone for five minutes or five hours – it doesn’t matter – he still greets me with the same amount of love and excitement every time. He’s my all-time favorite.

3. My gold medals and World Championship ring. My most proud achievement was winning two gold medals last summer with my Team USA girls! Making history with the World Cup and World Games…that’s something I’ll never forget. Right now, the medals are hanging in my room, but I’m planning on getting a frame to put them in, along with a piece of net from the game goal. In my mind, they represent a lot more than just my achievement or even the achievement of the team – they represent what’s been built and what’s to come for women in the sport. 

4. My special box of pictures! I’m right on the border of the generation who had real print pictures growing up, so I’ve got a bunch of old photos with family and friends that aren’t on an iPhone or computer anywhere.

5. My lava lamp. Yes, I’m twenty-seven years old and I sleep with a lava lamp on every night. Weird, right? Maybe, but it’s groovy and I love it. 

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