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Men’s Backyard Lacrosse Drills Roundup

While we’re stuck at home with nothing to do but play backyard lacrosse, we thought we’d throw it back to some of Team STX’s go-to drills for sharpening their core skills. From goalie strategies to fake-outs to behind-the-cage runarounds with PLL All-Star Will Manny, we’ve got your Skill & Drill round-up for every day of the week:

1. How to Dominate 5 and 5 with Attacker Justin Guterding, PLL Chrome

The Duke Blue Devils’ alum takes us through the scoring options when you are 5 yards up & out from the goal line while being defended. 

Get Guterding’s set-up here with the Sc-Ti Alloy Handle and Stallion Omega Head.

2. Goalie Tips for Saving Off Hip Shots with Kyle Bernlohr, PLL Whipsnakes

Former University of Maryland goalie Kyle Bernlohr breaks down why he thinks of the cage as a wall — and how this mentality helps his form to get more saves. 

Defend your turf with Bernlohr’s tried and true weapon of choice: the Outlet Goalie Alloy Handle and Eclipse II Goalie Head.

3. How to Do a Twister Shot with Ian MacKay, PLL Archers

The University of Vermont alum demonstrates how to master this fake-out shot.

Shoot like MacKay with his set-up, the Alliance 2D Composite Handle and the Stallion 700 Head.

4. Behind the Cage with Will Manny, PLL Archers

Throwback to our 2016 athlete photoshoot — Manny, the PLL’s 2019 single season points record holder, demonstrates his strategy for taking on a defender from behind the cage.

Get Manny’s set-up here with the Alliance 2D Composite Handle and Ultra Power Head.

5. The Six Ball Shootout Challenge with Kyle Harrison, PLL Redwoods

Finally, hone your accuracy with the Six Ball Shootout Challenge. Can you beat Marcus Holman’s record?

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