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LaxCon 2020: This is What Happens when 7,000 Lacrosse Players Get Together

Lacrosse all day, every day with your closest friends and family…that’s all any of us really wants, right? 

That’s what we love about LaxCon. It feels as close to that dream as we’re ever going to get. This year, 7,000 coaches, players and fans gathered in Philadelphia to celebrate and grow the game of lacrosse.

Below, STX athletes Dempsey Arsenault (BC ’19), Lindsey Ronbeck (Florida ’19) and Michelle Tumolo (Syracuse ’13) take us behind the scenes of their time at the sport’s biggest event of the year, checking out new gear, learning from one another, leading training sessions and more. 

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Get WPLL attacker Lindsey Ronbeck’s stick setup here, complete with the Crux 600 head and handle and Crux Mesh Pro.