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FIH Pro League Top Performer Lily Owsley Draws Comparisons to Alex Danson

After a career-making season as Great Britain’s top scorer in the first-ever FIH Pro League, English forward Lily Owsley is drawing comparisons to GB captain Alex Danson.

Owsley had a later start than most — though she grew up in sports, she didn’t start playing hockey until age 13. But as soon as she stepped onto the pitch, she knew she had found her place.


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Named FIH’s Rising Star of 2015 and a member of the gold medal-winning 2016 Olympic squad, Owsley is one to watch heading into Tokyo 2020. We sat down with the British hockey star to talk about where she finds inspiration and what she’s learned along her journey. Here’s a look at our exclusive interview with the newest member of Team STX:

Tell us a little about yourself and your hockey journey — how did you get into the game?

I was an athlete before I started playing hockey. I actually didn’t try hockey until I was 13 when I joined a new school. I loved how much running there was and I loved the team aspect even more!


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When was the moment you realized you wanted to take it all the way and go pro?

It was very early on when I was with my first school team. I just loved the feeling of winning with a team and became a bit addicted to the sport. 

How did the level of training and play change as you moved forward in your career?

I played school and club hockey until I was 15. Then I progressed through the England junior set-up. That’s when the training really intensified — it gets harder and harder as the standard for players goes up. You have to work that much harder to be the best player on the pitch. 


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Have you experienced a low point in your career? How did you come back from it?

As a team, we were knocked out of the 2014 World Cup early. It was early in my career and the first big loss I had experienced. As a result, we went through some significant cultural changes and essentially rebuilt the vision for the team. That tournament was definitely a low point, but it set us on a path to great success and taught me early on how to grow from failure. 

What's the best part about playing for the national team?

Playing with some of my best mates and getting to travel the world — doesn’t get much better than that! 


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Who inspires you?

Helen Richardson Walsh — she has so much fight and passion. To have a career as long and successful as hers — that’s the dream!

My mum is also a massive inspiration for me. She always finds the good in any situation and I think that’s such a great way to approach life. 


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