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17 Things You Can 100% Relate to If You're Dating a Hockey Player

1. You're not just dating them, you're dating the whole team. They ALWAYS travel in a pack.


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2. You've accepted that you'll never hold hands. The smell is just too much. #notevenworthit


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3. They won't let you run your hands through their hair because you might mess up the flow.


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4. When you introduced them to your family, you had to have a dress code convo first: Shower first. No jerseys. No layered pants. No helmet hair. Polos, khakis and smooth hair only.

5. They will make you watch Miracle over and over again until you've memorized Coach Brooks' famous speech well enough to make a viral video. #famous

6. You're a little jealous of their team group text. They actually respond to that one. (Also, odds are their phone background isn't a pic of you - it's probably their favorite gear/athlete).

7. Listening to them complain about their coach and then worship them five minutes later. Seriously, make up your mind!! #lovehaterelationship


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8. As soon as pre-season starts, you avoid riding in their car because the gear bag stench is the actual worst.

9. You never have to worry about being cold if your car breaks down because you always have a blanket in your car for gameday. #iceicebaby #numberonefan

10. You don't have to get creative with Christmas/Hanukkah/Valentine's Day/birthday gifts. Their wish list is always the same - NHL jerseys and new hockey gear.


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11. You can make all the summer plans you want - no need to consider their game schedule 'cuz #winterathlete.

12. They think their post-goal celebration qualifies as actually being able to dance (it doesn't). 


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13. Tape makes for a great (and pretty cheap) peace offering. #respectthegear


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14. You know all the hockey slang and totally use it to impress all your family/friends.


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15. You've been on more than one date to the golf range because apparently all hockey players are secretly golf-obsessed. Hockey is just their side hobby (jk...kinda).


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16. All those years of practice, early mornings at the rink and crazy long bus trips - you know they don't have commitment issues. #workhard #playhard #commitment

17. If you can't find them, you know where to look - just head for the nearest pond.


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