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12 Things You Should Do as a Team in the Offseason

1. Start a Saturday pickup league and alternate sports with lacrosse, basketball & soccer! 

Give those field hockey muscles a rest. Pick up other sports in the offseason to help prevent injury, stay active and have fun! 

2. Find a recipe, go grocery shopping & make a meal together. Then, take it and surprise your coach. 


You cannot beat it. Catch up with friends and home made sushi ?? #ilovesushi #firstattempt

A post shared by Shona McCallin GB Hockey (@shonamccallin24) on


Best lunch I've made myself in a while #avocado #chilli #eggs #salmon #yum

A post shared by Shona McCallin GB Hockey (@shonamccallin24) on


Keeping it very English tonight at dinner ??fish and chips?? #healthierversion

A post shared by Shona McCallin GB Hockey (@shonamccallin24) on

Capitalize on the chance to have a team dinner that doesn’t involve spaghetti!

3. Team book club. Need we say more?

Field hockey isn’t just a physical game – it’s a mental game too. Learn how your teammates think, so you can be more in tune with one another on the field.

4. Take a doga class together.


Hot yoga this morning with @gbwomenshockey at @inspirehotyoga in Maidenhead

A post shared by Shona McCallin GB Hockey (@shonamccallin24) on

Seriously, how cute??!!


I don't know why but these happy girls love running ?????? #ballislife

A post shared by Kelsey Kolojejchick (@kelseykolo) on

(Okay, now we are just obsessing over Alyssa Parker and Kelsey Kolojejchick's dogs.)

5. Climb a mountain together. Not metaphorically speaking. Like an actual mountain.


Some peak, somewhere

A post shared by Taylor West (@twestt11) on

Get out into nature, clear your head and work those leg muscles! (Plus, get lots of pics for Insta.)

6. Bring out your artistic side with a team paint night and ice cream to follow.

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone - see who has the best painting…or who can eat the most ice cream. Whichever you prefer.

7. Test out your coaching chops together by working a week of field hockey camp.

Your turn! Give back by teaching kids the skills you learned as a kid at field hockey camp. 

8. Find a local charity organization and volunteer together (and keep it up during the season!).


The 2028 #Olympics?? are going to feature these 5 future stars ??#watchthisspace #hockeyfest #gbhockey #teamgb #goldmedal #thisgirlcan

A post shared by Shona McCallin GB Hockey (@shonamccallin24) on

Your team's already a force on the field - why not channel that energy and be a force for good in the community too?

9. Create your own Skill & Drill series featuring members of your team.


Sneak preview of today's STX shoot with @ward15stx #playhuge

A post shared by Shona McCallin GB Hockey (@shonamccallin24) on

Share your favorite exercises and skill-building tips! 

10. Take tips from the pros - catch a few field hockey games on TV and get some ideas for the season.

...Or be like the real pros and just watch Ellen.

11. Off the grid: go camping with your team (iPhone free). 


Messing around on our hike today!

A post shared by Katie O'Donnell Bam (@katieod16) on

Nothing says team bonding quite like ditching the iPhones and learning how to make it in the woods together. 

12. Escape Room Challenge!


Suns out Guns out as we go get our 8 Liter bottles of water to stay hydrated! #un1ted

A post shared by Katie O'Donnell Bam (@katieod16) on

Up your mental game and team synergies by working together to find clues and escape in time. 

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