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12 Things You Only Understand If You Play Men's Lacrosse

1.     Pinnies are acceptable attire at all times.

2.     Sleeping with a lacrosse stick is totally normal.

3.     Mid-calves and athletic shorts are a form of currency.

4.     The endless need to string and re-string. 

5.     The sound of hitting a pipe is almost as satisyfing as actually scoring. Almost.

6.     A mane, flow, lettuce: you’ve had a variation at some point.

7.   Greasers are not a street gang from the 80's.

8.    You know who the Gaits are (and kind of wish you could be a Gait too). #laxroyalty

9.  The green Headstrong shoelaces are a legitimate source of envy.

10. Whip or no whip - that is the question.

11. You could talk to somebody all day about why Hopkins and Hobart are D1.


12.  You know that worm burner and rusty gate are not diseases.

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