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Team STX Takes on Team England

Earlier this summer, Team STX traveled to the United Kingdom to host two lacrosse clinics and challenge Team England to a friendly competition at the Surrey Sports Park, home to the 2017 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup.

This was a landmark event for women’s lacrosse, as it was the first time that Team STX traveled internationally to take on the best international team and help grow the game across the globe. A total of 19 Team STX athletes, including Taylor D’Amore and Sloane Serpe, taught new techniques and drills during two camps for youth female lacrosse players. New Team STX athletes Stephanie Finley, Shannon Gilroy, Kelsey Richardson, Erin Slifer and Kristen Lamon also made the trip across the pond.

During their visit, the ladies found time in their busy schedule to visit some of the popular landmarks around London.

It was a hugely successful trip, as the team won both exhibition matches over the England squads and made a lasting impact in a growing global market. With over 100,000 female lacrosse players in the UK, STX was proud and honored to be a part of such a unique experience. Thanks to our friends and partners at English Lacrosse for being such gracious and welcoming hosts. Check out all of the photos and highlights from their trip!

Team STX lands in the UK! After a six-hour flight, they were ready to meet Team England. 

For their first stop, Team STX toured Surrey Sports Park, an elite training facility at the University of Surrey with beautiful grass pitches, climbing wall and Olympic training pool.

Through STX’s partnership with English Lacrosse, Team STX hosted two, full-day lacrosse camps for girls, ages 10-18. 

Team STX Captain Kelly Barnes leads players in a dynamic warm up. The players later received training from Team STX, and spent the day learning new techniques and drills to sharpen their lacrosse skills. 

Julie Gardner teaches one of the campers a fun stick trick. 

Kristen Lamon takes a moment get to know the campers, answer questions and share basic lacrosse tips with a group of young campers. 

After clinics and games against Team England, Team STX headed out to tour London.

On the tour, Team STX stopped to enjoy the view from the River Thames after having dinner, which included fish and chips, at a local restaurant.

Kelsey Richardson, Nikki Boltja, Lauren Benner, Julie Gardner, Alyssa Kildare and Kelly Barnes posed in front of Tower Bridge. 

The team headed to Kensington Palace to catch the changing of the guards and hoping to catch a glimpse of Will & Kate.

The team went to see the Crown Jewels, but didn’t have time to stand in the long line at the Tower of London. Instead, they hit up the gift shop, and because they didn’t get a chance to see the real crown jewels, Julie Gardner posed with this crown souvenir! 

During the team’s first night in London, they enjoyed dinner at the hotel.

Kelsey Richardson practices with the goalie campers to prepare for their scrimmage. 

After a great training session, campers take their turn in goal. 

Team STX athletes, including Alyssa Kildare, worked one-on-one with the girls to teach them trick shots, like how to shoot Around the World. 

Campers line up on the field at Surrey Sports Park to practice good defensive positioning. 

The campers celebrate with Team STX after a great weekend. 

In between camps and games, the athletes filmed training videos like how to dominate on the draw and defend the crease.

Taylor D’Amore helps with some behind-the-scenes action for STX photo and video shoots. 

Team STX and Team England pose together after the game, where Team STX defeated Team England 20-5. 

Team STX celebrates their win over Team England and a great trip to the UK.