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Coaching Lacrosse in Taiwan

Ever wonder what it's like to play lacrosse abroad? I recently traveled to Taiwan with FIL (the Federation of International Lacrosse) to teach girls there how to play lacrosse.

Taiwan schools have pretty strong boy's lax programs, but there are fewer opportunities for girls to play. None of the girls I coached there had ever played lacrosse before. But they all played other sports, so they were pretty quick to pick it up.

Sports are a common language that everyone understands. Many of the students didn't speak English, so we couldn't talk, but were still able to create a connection before of lacrosse.

Check out some of the photos from my travels to Taiwan below!

After the clinic, I gathered with the other coaches from FIL and Taiwan lacrosse.

#SelfieGameStrong with the girls at the clinic.

The group of girls we coached go to school in Taitung, a city on the southeast side of Taiwan.

While this was the first introduction for the girls, the boys play every week and are hoping to play U19 games by next summer.

Some of the students practiced their stick tricks, throwing and catching the ball between their legs.

They got the hang of it pretty quickly!

We also had some downtime to explore Taiwan. In the middle of this modern city, we ran across ancient temples that are still being used today.

The 'Giant Dragon' Streching Across the Sea in Sanxiantai.

Sanxianti used to be a military zone, but was designated as a scenic area by a Former National Assembly member who recommended that the bridge be made with eight arches to represent the story of the "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea."

View from the Giant Dragon. It takes about 2 hours to walk a full round on the main trail.

The Longshan Temple in Taipei is very popular with locals.

Inside the temple are dragon poles made of bronze, exquisite wood sculptures and a Buddha statue.

Locals go to the temple to worship and present gifts to spirits.

I saw this house and thought it was so unique compared to all the temples and architecture. The story behind the house is that the owner built it little by little with scraps that he found.

Some of the craziest food in Taiwan! A lot of the time, I wasn't completely sure what I was eating. There was a lot of duck and tofu. You eat everything with chopsticks, which can be really difficult.

Thanks to Taiwan Lacrosse for hosting us! I had a blast and can't wait to see the great things these athletes accomplish!

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