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Who's Who? STX Athlete Doppelgangers

Happy National Doppelganger Week! That’s right, the first week in February is known as Doppelganger Week and we’ve learned that our athletes could easily be mistaken for Hollywood stars and other professional athletes.  Check out some of our doppelgangers below.

Tucker Durkin and Luke Kuechly

When Tucker Durkin isn’t scooping up groundballs for the Florida Launch, he could double as the Carolina Panthers linebacker. 

Kyle Harrison and Damon Wayans Jr. 

While Damon just plays ‘Coach’ on New Girl, Kyle coaches in real life at lacrosse clinics and events throughout the country.

Alyssa Murray and Katie Holmes

If Netflix ever revives Dawson’s Creek, Alyssa could stand in as a double for Katie’s character, Joey Potter.

Jeroen Hertzberger and Chris Hemsworth

Dutch Field Hockey National Champion Jeroen Hertzberger has Thor-like strength on the hockey pitch. 

Shona McCallin and Brittany Snow

Shona could reprise Brittany’s role as Chloe in Pitch Perfect 2.

Matt Moulson and Dax Shepard

Matt could have Punk’d other celebrities who might have confused him for Dax.  

Charlie Coyle and Jesse Eisenberg

The Social Network Star is seen most often with curly hair, but looks just like Charlie with a closer cut. 

JT Miller and Christian Bale

JT bares a striking resemblance to Bale's classic character from American Psycho.

Do you resemble an STX athlete? Tell us who your doppelganger is by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #STXDoppelganger.


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