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The Power of a Lucky Charm

While not all athletes have the “Luck of the Irish”, many do have good luck charms they swear by. There’s an unpredictability in sports, and having that extra sense of control from a specific ritual or trinket can help all athletes feel more calm and even lead to better performance.

While it may not be a four-leaf clover or a pot of gold, we asked STX athletes to share their lucky charms with us below.

Sinead Loughran, Irish National Team

I have two items that travel with me everywhere. The first is my blanket, called “Dora”. It’s a child’s blanket that I got on my very first day at UNC (Go ahead and laugh...but it’s SO SOFT!).  It’s provided me with lots of comfort, especially when I first moved to the U.S. for college and took the plunge into a new culture. It’s the best for long journeys!

My second lucky charm is my St. Christopher Necklace. St. Christopher is the patron Saint of Travel. My mum initially gave me a bracelet for all of my travel back and forth between America and Ireland and I decided to get one put on a necklace so I could wear it everywhere.

Chris Mattes, Florida Launch

I have a “Team Bassmassters” snapback that I wear to games and travel with. It’s from a summer team I used to play on, starting my freshman year of college. The team was started by my college roommate and consisted of my best friends from college along with a lot of my roommates’ friends from his hometown in Massachusetts.

We played in tournaments like Lake Placid, Glastonbury, and Cape Cod during the summers and have won Cape Cod and won Lake Placid twice. Over the years guys like Justin Pennington (Atlanta Blaze), Chris O’Dougherty (Denver Outlaws), Will Mangan (Former Boston Cannons), Tommy Palasek (New York Lizards), Matt Smalley (Former Boston Cannons), Michael Pellegrino (Boston Cannons), and Scott Klimchick (Chesapeake Bayhawks) have played for the team.

Since the tournaments are in the summer, I’m no longer able to play with the team so I wear something "Bass" to my games to support them.  The hat brings me the power of the bass before every game. #BlubBlub

Shannon Gilroy, Team USA/Team STX

My lucky charm is my stuffed animal Patch. My parents got it for me when I was 4 years old in the hospital having surgery, and it’s been with me ever since. It was the first thing my parents always thought to give me when I wasn't feeling well or after any other surgery I had. Patch has never missed a travel trip or away game and is the first thing I check off of my do-not-forget list every time.

Having two younger brothers meant that my parents couldn't always go to my games, but Patch was a reminder that they were there without having to physically be at each and every game. It's been 18 years since Patch became my lucky charm and I've never looked back! 

Brandon Pirri, Anaheim Ducks

I tape a Loonie, the Canadian one-dollar coin, to my lucky puck and mark the top of my blade with that puck before every game.

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