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8 Struggles You Know if Hockey is Life

1. Your hands always smell like your hockey gloves. It’s just a fact of life. You’ve accepted it.

2. Not fitting into regular pants like the rest of your friends because hockey butts are a legit thing. 

3. Having #PumpBump from spending all your time in skates. #battlescars #worthit

4. Not even remembering what the bottom of your trunk looks like because it’s always full of hockey gear (and dryer sheets).

5. People being surprised you actually have all your teeth. 

6. Waking up before the sun rises on the weekend because that’s the only ice time available. (What even is sleeping in??)

7. Hair game that no one else understands. #lookatthatsalad #flow #allhockeyhairteam

8. Winter coming doesn’t really bother you, because on the ice it always feels like winter. #thecoldneverbotheredmeanyway

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