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6 Things You Have Definitely Been Asked If You Play Field Hockey

1. Why can't you use both sides of the stick?

One side is flat. One side is curved. Use your eyes. 

2. What do you mean there are no left-handed sticks?

Seriously, do(nut) ask me that question again.

3. Why does the ref blow the whistle every 5 seconds?

NOBODY KNOWS!!! (But seriously, see the official NCAA rules and international rules if you want to learn more about the game). 

4. Doesn't your back hurt from bending over so much?

With the correct form, and strength and conditioning, it's not supposed to. #pullups #alldayeveryday

5. Why do girls wear skirts?

Hello, we look, historical reasons. (Basically, an Englishwoman named Constance Applebee brought the sport to the U.S. and skirts stayed for the long haul). 

6. This is an Olympic sport?

Does it look like we stole these gold medals? No. WE EARNED THEM. (P.S. It's been a part of the Olympics since 1908). 

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Photo credit: Jeroen Hertzberger - Chris Vaughan Photography.