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15 Things You Only Understand If You Play Field Hockey

It’s a field hockey thing, you wouldn’t understand

1. When you can’t bend down because your legs and butt are sore from pre-season workouts


Ending the year strong and coming back stronger! #PlayHuge #athlete #trainingday #determined #roadtorio

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Dec 30, 2015 at 1:33pm PST


2. Having to wear pants in summer because of shin guard tans

Between that and the bruises, my legs scream, “I play field hockey!”

3. Carrying spandex with you everywhere

4. Trying to avoid that one person’s drive


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5. The question: “So they only make right-handed sticks?”

#FieldHockeyProblems, am I right?

6. Hearing the absurd things your dad yells from the sideline because he doesn’t understand field hockey


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7. Trying to memorize too many new corners every season


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8. The sweet, sweet sound of the ball hitting the board

9. Hair braiding trains on the bus before games


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10. Turf beads in your shoes

11. Heat waves rising up from the turf


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12. Bus ride sing-a-longs and game day cheers


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13. Stinky shin guards and gloves 

And trying to blame it on your teammate. 

14. When you know what’s coming after coach tells you to wear sneakers to practice or says, “Drop your stick!”

15. Pretending to hear your coach as (s)he yells a corner play from halfway across the field.

Wait, what did they say?


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