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14 Things You’ll Miss When Lax Season Is Over

1. Having an excuse to carry your stick with you everywhere you go. 

2. When your stick is a legit part of every look. 

3. “I swear, I’m on my way to practice,” says everyone always.

4. Every muscle in your body aching 100% of the time.

5. Sweating so bad before the game even starts because you danced so hard with your team in the locker room. 

6. Sweating so bad after the game and not caring at all because you KILLED IT.

7. Comparing bruises from checking and falling. #battlescars #worthit

8. Late nights stressed about homework because you spent all afternoon at practice because #priorities.

9. All the team road trips with Beyonce/Drake/Rhianna on repeat…

10. …And walking onto the field like you’re Beyonce while the other team stares. #flawless

11. That feeling when you score a goal…and then trip over your stick on your way to hug it out with your teammates.

12. Your favorite jeans…because you got so fit during the season you’re forced to own in-season and off-season jeans. #RIP calf muscles/butt/biceps.

13. Game day selfies with squinty eyes.

14. Having no life outside of lacrosse, but not caring because you love your team so much. You’ll miss them the most <33.

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