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What’s In My Bag: Team USA’s Jill Witmer

What does Team USA and STX Athlete Jill Witmer carry in her bag while she trains for the 2016 Olympics? The University of Maryland alum breaks down her must-have gear and accessories. 


Chapstick: I am totally a chapstick hoarder! I have to have it with me wherever I go and you’ll always find several sticks in my bag. Cherry is my favorite flavor.

Gum: One of my weaknesses is candy, but I know I shouldn’t be eating lots of it. Instead, I am constantly chewing gum to curb my cravings.   

Dove Deodorant: This has a really fresh, clean smell so I always have it in my bag for before and after practices and games. Right now, we’re training so hard for the Olympics so I’m doing a lot of working out and running around getting ready for Rio.

Headphones: I’m a huge music fan! My favorite is actually country, so I am listening to a ton of Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Kip Moore, Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert. Before games I switch it up and listen to pop songs with faster beats. During our recent Pan Am tournament, the team listened to “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten before every game. 

Karakal: I’ve tried different types of grip, but this is my favorite. It’s got a great feel and really helps with my stick handling to give me more control. Plus, I can change up the colors. I usually go with blue, green or pink.

Prewrap: This is actually for holding back my hair during games, practice and workouts. I have it in a few colors to match my uniform. 

Mouth Guard: I recently got this one to match our Team USA uniforms and I love it!

Sunscreen: I have very fair skin, so my teammates are always reminding me to put sunscreen on so I don’t get burnt. On my first trip to Rio a few years ago, I got really burnt. My forehead was bright red and started to peel, but I’ve learned my lesson!

New Stallion: I’ve been using a prototype stick for about a year now and love it. It’s my favorite because it’s really light for stick work, but it still gives off a strong shot when I’m shooting. I’m excited for the launch of it this spring, because I know other players will like the feel of it too.

Shin guards: Must have equipment, but they give all the girls funny tans. You can always tell a field hockey athlete because they have shin guard tans in the summer.

Shoes: Asics work for me because they can handle my speed. These are our team shoes so I wear them a lot, even for workouts too. 

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