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What's In My Bag: Team STX's Stephanie Finley

Stephanie Finley | Team STX

During Team STX's recent trip to the United Kingdom to compete against Team England, we asked our players to share their game day necessities. From the latest lacrosse gear to healthy snacks and post-game accessories, Stephanie Finley seems prepared for just about anything. 

STX 4Sight FormThese are my new favorite goggles. They're very easy to see out of and the nosepiece really helped them stay in place throughout our games against Team England.

Nike Cleats: I wear soccer cleats in every game because they're a much lighter shoe compared to lacrosse cleats. A few years ago, I was complaining that my feet felt heavy while running sprints and a friend mentioned I should try the Nike Tiempo soccer cleats instead. As an attacker, being quick and light on my feet is very important and my previous cleats felt like they were weighing me down. I designed the cleats I wore in England right after I joined Team STX; the red swoosh and red laces are for STX. 

Ray Bans: These are my favorite, go-to sunglasses. Everyone thinks it rains all of the time in England, but while our team was there it was sunny most of the time, so I always threw them on after our games.

Hairbow: At James Madison, where I played in college, we have the Secret Bow Society, which is a tradition where a few girls on the team always wear bows during games. My senior year I wore a bow during every game that I played with Team YSA and now I wear one during every game with Team STX. 

GoPro: Right before I went to England I was given a GoPro as a birthday gift. I've fallen in love with filming lacrosse videos and taking pictures with it. In England, I passed it around to all of my teammates and let each person play around with it to film footage of warm-ups, practice and games. The time-lapse feature on it is my favorite. You can film a whole day of practice and games and then watch the whole day progress. 

STX Clinch GlovesMy favorite gloves are the Clinch Gloves. I started wearing gloves my sophomore year when I changed from playing midfield to strictly attack. My hands started getting cut up all of the time and would never heal properly. With the gloves, I get a much better grip on my stick and it helps with protecting myself from bruises and cuts on my hands. 

Chapstick & Mirror: Cocoa Butter has been my go-to chapstick forever, so I threw a small travel-size in my bag for England. My monogramed mirror is also something I toss in my bag for games. My game day motto is “Look good, feel good, play good.”

Banana: I’m superstitious about always eating a banana before every game. It’s also a great snack that keeps me energized throughout the game without being too filling.  

Team STX T-Shirt: After games against England our team would always put on our Team STX shirts before sightseeing.