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What’s In My Bag: Chesapeake Bayhawks’ Ben Hunt

From custom headphones to Cell III gloves, MLL midfielder Ben Hunt reveals what must-haves you will find in his lax bag each game.

Foam Roller: I use this before every game and at haltime to stay loose. I focus on my legs because they tighten up the most during games.

Tape: Before every game, I always re-tape my stick for grip support. I probably go through six rolls of tape in a season. I tape the top of my stick where my hand goes for a one-handed cradle. I also tape from the butt-end of the stick up to where I would put my top hand when I am passing or shooting.

Headphones:  I love these custom headphones and always carry them when I’m traveling for games and when I’m warming up. My number one pre-game jam is "Benny Benassi - Bring the Noise." 

STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Shaft and Proton Power Head:  This stick and head are great to use as a midfielder. The Stallion shaft has a lightweight feel but also has the strength to absorb checks and doesn't dent. I really like the channel on the Proton Power, which helps with an accurate release.

Extra Cleats & Shoes: These cleats are really comfortable, so I always wear them during game practice. The sneakers are good to throw in my bag to wear to and from games and while I’m traveling. They were sent to me with the neon green laces that match the new Bayhawks colors.

Ankle Braces: I've worn the ankle braces religiously since college. Better safe than sorry!

Cell III Gloves: These custom gloves have a great combination of flexibility and comfort. As an offensive midfielder, I like the wrist protection as well.

Cell III Arm Pads: These are a great mid-arm pad that aren't too bulky and allow great mobility.

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