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What’s In My Bag: Boston Cannons’ Davey Emala

From gear to fuel, Major League Lacrosse attackman Davey Emala reveals his gym bag must-haves to keep his competitive edge, prep for game time or look fly off the field.

Agility Ladder: This is one of my favorite tools for training and something I always carry when I’m on the road. At every practice or coaching session, I start with drills on the ladder. After warming up, I'll leave the ladder near the goal but will keep going back to it throughout my workout. Even just 5-10 minutes using the ladder really helps build up agility.

STX Hat: I always have a hat around and really like these flat brims from STX. My go-to hats are either flat brims or golf hats.

Surgeon 500 and Surgeon SC-TI: I’ve been using the Surgeon line for the past 2 or 3 years. I always have 5 or 6 Surgeon 500's in rotation and have them all strung similarly so they’re easy to swap out. 

When I travel I never leave my sticks on the handle. I always unscrew them so that they don’t bend or warp. I also never leave my bag in the car or outside. Even if it’s easier to leave sticks in the car, they will hold up a lot longer if you keep them inside and let your bag air out overnight. (Your stick is an extension of yourself during a game, so it’s really important to take the time to make sure it’s in the best condition!) 

Electrical Tape: I use regular athlete tape about halfway up my handle so it covers where both of my hands fall on the stick. Then, I always tape the top with electrical tape. When switching hands, regular athlete tape can get messed up and electrical tape prevents that from happening to give me a smoother transition. I learned this tip from my former teammate Kevin Buchanan.

Surgeon 500 Arm Guards: The Surgeon 500 Arm Guards are my favorite pair of pads I have ever worn.  They have a few distinct and unique features that set them apart from anything else you could wear on your arm.  To start, I have had elbow injuries throughout my career.  When I get directly hit on the elbow during a game, I always feel the effects of it.  I have yet to feel such impact while wearing the Surgeon 500 Arm Guards.  They do an outstanding job of providing the strong protection that an attackman needs, while not being too big and bulky or uncomfortable.

Stallion 500 Gloves: The Stallion 500 gloves I have been using are outstanding.  They provide the protection I need, as well as being very light and flexible.  As an offensive player, it is crucial to be able to make your stick an extension of yourself.  Wearing these gloves with the light material feels like I am playing with just my hands, so I am able to have more control than I have ever had.  The comfort, style and protection combined make me confident that I will be using the Stallion 500 gloves for a long time.  

STX Memory Mesh Freedom EditionThe first time I picked up the new STX Memory Mesh, it was as dialed-in and prepared as a stick that had been broken in for a month.  The Memory Mesh is light, durable and, most importantly, incredibly consistent.  I string my own sticks and can safely say that this was the easiest string job I have ever done.  The way the mesh expands, but not too much, is perfect for being able to position the mesh where you need. The proof is in the results, as I have not had to adjust my stick since the initial stringing.

Sunglasses: I teach a lot of different camps and clinics, so I always have a pair of sunglasses to keep cover from the sun!

Motive Pure: Staying hydrated is extremely important for any athlete. Motive Pure is a great thing to have, especially when you have to travel a lot and fly, which is the norm for MLL players. Along with Motive, I carry a water bottle around to make sure I am drinking enough water throughout the day. 

Headphones: I always make sure that I have a solid pair of headphones wherever I go. These Bose headphones get the job done. Weather I am traveling, preparing for a game or just need an energy boost, I always use music as a source of motivation.

Mouth guard holder:  I got popped in the face and had a tooth chip a few years back. Ever since then, I've been sure to wear a mouth guard in practices and games. Mouth guards are also believed to lower the risk of concussions, which is important.

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