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Surgeon, Stallion or Apex: Which Stick is Right for You?

There are so many stick options out there right now (and by that we mean SOOO MANY stick options)…

On the one hand, it’s great because what beats a sleek stick that complements your playing style and makes you feel confident? On the other hand, it’s a little confusing and overwhelming because with so many options, how are you ever supposed to choose??? #toomanychoices #thestruggle

We feel you, so we put together a step-by-step guide to help you find the right stick for your position and playing style. Answer a few simple “yes” or “no” questions and we’ll tell you which stick is the one! 

What did you get?

Surgeon RX 901: Your aerial game is on point! Choose the Surgeon RX 901 for an increased receiving area and emphasized sweet spot designed to maximize your aerial game.

Surgeon RX 701: You’re the playmaker – all about accuracy! You like a clear ball channel and the 701’s textured toe helps to increase your control and grip of the ball while dribbling. 

Surgeon XT 701: You’re known for your extreme power and accuracy. The Surgeon XT 701’s bow placement creates space for you to get under and around the ball to show off your 3D skills. 

Surgeon XT 901: When you take the field, all eyes are on you (and that killer drag flick). The Surgeon XT 901’s low bow gives your drag flick that extra power boost needed to serve your opponent.

Stallion HPR 901: Your game is defined by quick, precise movements. The Stallion’s optimal balance point gives it a lightweight feel so you can keep up your hustle, while Countervail® Vibration Canceling Technology enables rapid energy dissipation to keep pace with your game.

Stallion HPR 701: Your biggest strength is your versatility – and the 701’s balanced bow helps you play to your strengths. The Countervail® Vibration Canceling Technology (also featured in the Stallion HPR 901allows you to feel more connected to your stick, maintaining power, control and comfort.

Apex 701: You’re a power player known for your sweeping long shot. The Apex 701 is coated with Energy Transfer Zone tech designed to put extra strength behind your sweeps and provide increased control for receiving the ball. 

Apex 901: You have the mark of an elite player. The Apex 901’s standard bow shape supports your classic A+ field hockey skills, while the Power Core provides an extra power boost for a consistently big impact. 

For a full rundown of all your options (and where to shop), click here.

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