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#StringingHacks: More Mesh, Please

If you don’t spend hours watching stringing tutorials on YouTube and obsess over every line and shape of your pocket, are you actually a lax girl?  

Once you see the impact a good string job can have on your game, it’s hard to stop experimenting and playing with new ways to mold the pocket for maximum performance. Boston Storm Goalie Liz Hogan gets it – she taught herself how to string back in high school and has been hooked ever since.

Like all of us stringing nerds (#noshame), Liz is pumped to witness this historical moment in the women’s game…the dawn of a new era…the start of something new…the game changer to end all game changers…

Yes, we’re talking about mesh. Sorry  a little louder for the people in the back  MESH MESH MESH MESH MESH, YES YES YES YES YES! Mesh pockets are FINALLY allowed in the women's game and we can't stop, won't stop talking about it!!! 

And no...we’re not being dramatic.

Take a look at Liz’s reaction to the new STX Crux Mesh and her thoughts on why this is a huge moment for the sport:

Want to go deeper on stringing technique? Check out this article where Team England women's lacrosse stringer Charlie Shearer gives his advice on how to string the perfect pocket for your playing style.