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Scoring Legend Justin Guterding Reveals Weapon of Choice

“Don’t you ever go anywhere without that darn stick?”

If you’ve been in the game for any length of time, no doubt more than a few of these comments have come your way. Lacrosse players are notorious for carrying their sticks… everywhere. But it’s not just for show. It’s all about making the stick an extension of the player.

Unlike most elite-level sports – soccer, football, basketball – where players have direct contact with the ball, the stick is what sets lacrosse apart. It demands another level of skill and coordination. It’s what makes the game challenging – and exciting – for its players and fans. 

If anyone’s mastered the art of stickwork, it’s Duke alum Justin Guterding. Holding the NCAA DI all-time goals record at 212, the guy’s a scoring machine, but he couldn’t do it without the best tools.

Guterding breaks down his weapon of choice and the set-up that’s brought him success on the field here:

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