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Reid Boucher’s Perfect Match

There’s no better feeling than the first perfect shot or pass with a new stick. Not only does it confirm your stick choice, but it helps to build confidence in your game. The perfect stick is like having a line mate you can rely on: you know it’ll always support you and your style of play.

That's how Vancouver Canucks forward and Team STX athlete Reid Boucher  feels about the STX Surgeon RX3a stick he specifically worked on with STX to fit his style of play. His favorite thing about it? "It's different from what everybody else uses," Boucher said. 

With Puregrip technology for increased control and comfort, Boucher credits his stick’s versatility for setting him apart from the competition whenever it’s game time. More of a touch-and-feel guy, Boucher doesn’t typically rely on “tech” to play a big role in his stick selection, but the Surgeon RX3 was different. With a design focused on the player – the shaft is created to fill the void in your hand normally left by a traditionally shaped stick – it’s truly a new level for personalized equipment.

Hear from Boucher himself why the RX3 is in a class of its own and why it’s his perfect match:

Get Boucher’s Surgeon RX3 here.

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