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Play Confident with Sloane Serpe’s Weapon of Choice

Sloane Serpe doesn't do halfway. When she's in, she's all in. 

This approach has served the 3x All-American well, earning her several runs with the national team, and the chance to be a part of the first women's professional league. Even after facing two critical injuries within the last two years, her commitment to the sport is stronger than ever.

That's no surprise to those who know Serpe's game.

Intimidation is key to shutting down your opponent and Serpe never backs down. She plays with unmistakable confidence, especially when she's using her weapon of choice: The Fortress 600.

The Fortress 600 gives Serpe the power to withstand intense pressure while protecting the net.

With a thick and durable head, the stick is sturdy when she's checking. As an elite defender, the ability to easily scoop ground balls to regain possession is one of the biggest skills that separates Serpe from the pack, and the Fortress 600's Launch II pocket allows her to go in on the ground with confidence.

And those times an opponent gets a shot off? Serpe relies on the handle's unique grip in making contact on the shot, as well as completing one-handed knockdowns.

Sloane breaks down how the Fortress 600 helps her shore up the last line of defense for her team, sending the game back down the field:

Want to play with the same confidence as Sloane? Get her weapon of choice here.

Then, check out Serpe's ABC's of defense to catch her in action and get a few practice tips.