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Now You Can Get Your Elite Stick Pick at Half Price in Canada

We’ve got big news ahead of the 2019-2020 season!

You asked and we heard. After all the emails, Instagram comments and other requests, we’re excited to announce that our equipment line is now shipping direct to Canada!


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So, what does this mean for all of you hockey athletes up north? Here’s a rundown of the gear to keep an eye out for and quick tips on how to order and test out the products you need to stand out on the ice this season. 

14-Day Trial and Demo Period to Find Your Fit

Online shopping is super convenient, but all of us still question ‘Will this size fit me? What happens if I order it and it’s not the right size?’ And especially with hockey, it’s critically important to test out the gear and find your true fit, whether it’s protective gear or your stick. 

So, we’ve decided to take the pressure off picking the right size upfront and give you time to figure out what works for you.

That’s where our 14 day demo period for elite-level sticks comes in — here’s how it works: 

Start by choosing your favorite elite-level stick you believe is best for you.

Once your stick is delivered, take it for a spin! Sweat on it, tape it up, and play around with it for a full 14 days. Whether it’s at practice, a game, or just pick-up fun at the pond with friends, use the stick as you normally would to determine if it’s the best size and fit for you. During this time, if you realize you made the right choice from the start, that’s great! Continue to #PlayHuge with your new gear.


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On the other hand, if you realize the size isn’t right or the technology doesn’t fit your style of play, returns and refunds are free. We also offer an industry-leading 45-day extended warranty to better protect your gear — something we believe is crucial in such a high-intensity sport.

Now onto the good stuff — here’s some of the top gear making its way north! 

Surgeon RX3 Stick

The Surgeon RX3 stick is an NHL-approved elite-level stick featuring the patented Puregrip™ shaft shape designed to increase puck handling ability. 

Its innovative, ergonomic design on the underside of the shaft fills the void in your hand left by a traditionally shaped hockey stick. The angular shape on the bottom of the stick maximizes hand contact points for advanced stick control and quick, responsive play, helping players like Florida Panthers’ Vincent Trocheck earn a reputation for dominating the draw.


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[Order your Surgeon RX3 here and hit the ice like Florida Panthers’ forward Vincent Trocheck]

Stallion HPR Stick

The Stallion HPR stick is an ultra-durable elite-level stick. It features Nano-Technology for increased durability, an Ultra-High Balance Point for increased feel, and a mid-kick for increased shot power.

The best-in-class weight distribution of the Stallion HPR provides the feel of a sub-400 gram stick, without sacrificing performance or durability. 18K fiber on the back of the blade removes unnecessary weight, resulting in a more balanced hockey stick, while 3K carbon fiber on the front face of the blade provides increased puck feel where it’s needed most.


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[Order your Stallion HPR stick to dominate the ice like Arizona Coyotes’ forward Michael Grabner.]

Surgeon RX3 Glove

The Surgeon RX3 glove is designed for elite players seeking a tapered fit combined with the best finger dexterity, back-of-hand comfort, maximum wrist mobility and protection in a lightweight and low profile construction.

Featuring Pureform™technology for increased connectivity and range of motion, the RX3 glove is specifically designed to connect players with their equipment through advanced articulation, retention and comfort. This connection to your equipment can help take your game to the next level! 


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[Get your RX3 hockey gloves to connect with your equipment like never before!]

Stallion HPR Shoulder Pads

The Stallion HPR shoulder pad is designed for elite players seeking protection in high-impact areas. This pad utilizes Pureform™ design and advanced foams for increased protection and mobility.

HD2™ foam located throughout the pad creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels sweat and water, resulting in a pad that stays dry all game long. 


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[Get your HPR shoulder pads to achieve the ultimate balance of safety and fluidity when you hit the ice.]

Looking for tips on how to better protect your new equipment? Here are six mistakes to avoid with your equipment.