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Introducing Memory Mesh

At the 2016 NCAA Final Four in Philadelphia, we had the second gathering of the Stringers Union, which included finalists of String League Season 2 and some of the best stringers in the country: George Wadsworth (@FLStringer), Robin Brown (@Laxtractive), Sean Bannon (@BannonStrings) and Jackson Specht (@JackStringing). The Stringers Union had the opportunity to string up almost 100 sticks in three days, most of which were strung with Memory Mesh. 

Why Memory Mesh? Because from the first wall ball session of the season to the championship game, Memory Mesh keeps the same shape better than other mesh on the market. The dual material weave, made up of Memory Fiber (Strength) and Control Fiber (Ball Feel), is UV resistant and moisture repellent, making for a better mesh and a better, more consistent pocket.

Here is their take on Memory Mesh and some of the great heads they laced up with the new mesh.

George Wadsworth - It is the perfect combination of all the great mesh advances of the last few years. It holds its shape like wax mesh without any wax. The mesh has a soft feel without being weak or bagging out. It also has great grip without feeling stiff or tearing up your hands when you string it. 

Memory Mesh incorporates two different materials for two different purposes. The memory fibers at the core of the mesh give it structure and durability, and they also make stringing a well-defined pocket and channel more predictable. The control fibers give the pocket great hold and feel with the consistency of a semi-hard mesh, and the hold of a semi-soft mesh. It is truly the best of both worlds. I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks about this when it releases because it has already become my go-to mesh for this summer. 

Robin Brown – Memory Mesh is much easier (and often less painful on the hands) to string with performance meshes because they are much softer and easier to manipulate into the pocket’s anticipated broken-in shape. With performance meshes rising in popularity over the past few seasons, the learning curve for stringing a functional and effective mesh pocket is easier than ever.

Ask anyone who played men’s lacrosse in the ‘90s or earlier and they will tell you that there were only two options for stringing when they played: traditional or hard mesh. At present day there is a spectrum of options and brands, but an overwhelming amount of those options are very similar if not the exact same.

Memory Mesh raises the bar for performance meshes because it offers a dual-fiber construction that increases ball-feel while maintaining pocket shape. When cradling (especially one handed) you can feel the memory fibers hugging around the ball as it attempts to shift. To compare it to a familiar item on the market, it has the feel of a freshly-strung wax mesh pocket that lasts much longer than wax possibly can. Memory Mesh is an exciting innovation and a crucial step forward in improving the standard for performance meshes.

Sean Bannon – As lacrosse players, the mesh that we use are large factors in the way we play, however, that does not mean that we need to change our style to non-consistent pieces of mesh.

Whether I’m at a game during a snowstorm or in the backyard playing catch, I don’t want to worry about changing way my stick is strung due to issues with my mesh. Dependability is why I play with Memory Mesh. In any weather, and even after an unimaginable amount of use, my Memory Mesh will be exactly the same as it was when I first strung my pocket.

Jackson Specht – What makes Memory Mesh different than other mesh these days is that I find that when I first string it, it is slightly harder. That makes it easy to see where the ball sits in the pocket. As the mesh breaks in after only a few times throwing with it, it softens up perfectly while always keeping that original pocket shape.

Now that you have the perfect mesh and know how to string it properly, what else do you need in your bag? Click the link to see what MLL attackman Will Manny keeps close come game time!