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INFOGRAPHIC: Picking Your Field Hockey Stick Based on Style of Play

The right stick is critical to your performance on the field. But, navigating the options out there can get confusing. Here’s a guide to help you select the best stick based on your skill set and style of play.

More Intel on Your Stick: 

The Surgeon – Designed for control, this stick fits a player focused on precision and accuracy on the field. If you're adept at 3D, aerial and quick stick work skills and tend to be more on the attacking side of the field, the Surgeon is for you. 

The Stallion – Created for versatility, the Stallion is perfect for an attack or defense player who wants power and control.

The Hammer – Made for power and strength, this stick is for the tenacious and performance-driven player focused on consistency executing skills. The Hammer tends to serve more of a defensive player. 

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