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How to Tape Your Goalie Stick for a Stronger Defense

How do you tape your stick to get it game day ready? Like stringing, everyone’s got their own preference based on their style of play and feel. Some patterns might look random from a distance, but there’s a science to it. 

The trick is learning how to tape your stick properly to achieve an enhanced grip for optimum delivery and to control the impact. Team USA goalie Liz Hogan swears by her technique, so we tapped Syracuse’s all-time leader in saves (660) for a few tips.

Check out her taping tutorial, featuring the Eclipse II head and Outlet shaft

To recap:

1. Start strong with the new Eclipse II head’s ergonomic throat and the Outlet shaft’s rounded grip for a firm hold. 

2. Safety first! Pop the end cap off and tape the butt end of the stick, with half of the tape resting on the metal and half exposed, folding it inwards to create a cushion and avoid hurting yourself and other players. 

3. Find your sweet spots — the places along the stick where your grips falls most often — and be sure to tape those up too. Mimic your hand motions while taping to get the right placement. Hint: Sometimes for these spots, it’s best to only use about half the standard width of the tape.

4. Put your shaft to work. Save energy and time by spinning the shaft instead of walking around it in circles with the tape. Bonus: You’ll end up with a straighter line. 

5. It’s all about #ThatGrip. Enhance your hold by twisting the tape to create a solid ring around the stick. 

Now that you’ve got a grip on your stick, catch Liz’s stringing hacks for ultimate play. Play like Liz with the Syracuse alum’s full set-up: the Eclipse II headOutlet shaft, and Shield 500 gloves

There’s a reason Liz is one of our all-time favorites. Not only is she an incredible goalie, but she has an incredible story and she’s always willing to get real about it. Learn more about Liz’s journey in her reflection I Started Out Playing on the Boys’ Team…Here’s what I Learned