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Gear Review: Crux 600 Stick

Meet ya at the field in 10? Time to break in the new Crux 600.

The Crux 600 is the latest in a line of sticks designed for the attacker looking for precision and an increased range of motion to take her game to the next level. We’ve been perfecting this stick for years and are pumped to finally share it with you!

Here a few reasons why you’ve gotta check it out…

1.    It’s extremely light so you can keep pace the whole game!

2.    Our new DropRail technology so you can get the deepest legal pocket in the sweet'll be amazed at the pocket you can get. 

3.    Fewer drops. The Launch Pocket II is upgraded with targeted flex points for enhanced hold. 

4.    The Speed Scoop feature - pick up a ground ball with less drag.

5.    Michelle Tumolo, Team USA. AKA our lax crush. 

While in Vegas, we gave Michelle a sneak peek of the Crux 600 – here’s an unfiltered look at her reaction:

How did our girl Michelle get hooked on lacrosse? More on the Team USA attacker, her lacrosse journey and fav pump-up techniques here