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Designed to Strike: The STX Stallion HPR

At STX, we pride ourselves on never settling for the status quo. We aim to break the mold. One-size-fits-most equipment? Not on our watch. Innovation and customization drive our design process as we work to create top-of-the-line equipment.

The Stallion HPR stick is no exception.

Our Surgeon Rx3 sticks are built for precision, but with the Stallion HPR our R&D team set out to create a stick for the Power Player — a stick for players seeking performance and durability, wrapped neatly into one practically weightless package.

The strength of the Stallion HPR is in the details of the design. Getting there, however, was an exhaustive process. 

STX Mechanical Engineer Pat Toal recruited athletes of all ages and skills, including the NHL, for help in the design and testing of the stick. When our NHL athletes picked up the finished product for the first time, they felt an immediate performance impact.

Check out our exclusive interview with Pat for a behind-the-scenes look at the Stallion HPR design process:

How does the Stallion HPR get to the point? See the new tech and design for yourself.

Take full advantage of the custom STX Stallion line. Watch this #GearHack for the Stallion HPR Shin Guard.