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Dear Santa...Love, Your #1 Lax Girl

Joy to the world // the time has come!

May you // receive new gear

Let e-e-every girrrrrll // unwrap a mesh pock-e-et

Underneath the festive tree // A Crux 600 head (or three!)

Ple-e-e-ease // New gear gets us so giddy

Check out our muse, Michelle Tumolo, on her holiday wish list and the gear you NEED under your tree this year:

Michelle's Wish List + Links:

- STX Crux 600 

- STX Women's Mesh: We are SO pumped for the new mesh pocket #gamechanger! It’s so new it doesn’t even have its own webpage yet, but we’ll take an IOU for the New Year. **Coming in January**

- Grip RX

Watch more of Michelle obsessing over the Crux 600 here!