#CollegeGoals: Behind-the-Scenes with Five NCAA Dream Teams

This fall, we hit up five of the top NCAA programs for a behind-the-scenes look at their programs and practice spaces. All we can say after our trip is you’ve absolutely got to experience each in-person – these campuses are surreal, pure lacrosse magic and the textbook definition of #collegegoals.

Get an inside look at Duke, Georgetown, Ohio State, Penn State and UVA with our exclusive STX tour cam + hear their coaches spill on team secrets and traditions!

Duke University: Check out Duke’s newly updated sports performance center with the hottest equipment and loaded snack bar. #ionlycameforthefood

Aspiring Blue Devils -- check out our custom Duke gear!

Georgetown University: Going on the locker room wish list: couches and a copy of the #FearlessGirl painting. #powernaps #eatsleeplacrosse #girlpower

Ohio State: What exactly is a Buckeye? (Hint, it’s poisonous and powerful). #watchout #goBucks

Penn State: Eying up the Penn State weight room like…#allthemusclegainz

University of Virginia: The idea of playing on that field surrounded by the UVA fam has us emotional. #brbcrying #sobeautiful #home 

Play like a Cavalier with the UVA set-up!

Huge shoutout to the coaching staff at Duke, Georgetown, Ohio State, Penn State and UVA – thanks for inviting us into your teams' spaces and giving us the inside scoop. We had a blast, can't wait for next time!!

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