12 New Year's Resolutions for Every Field Hockey Player

1. Take your drag flick technique from a solid B to an A+. I'm talking show-stopping, head-turning, game-changing drag flicks.


Years of hard work and determination are about to pay off and dreams will become reality. #DreamBigPlayHuge ????

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2. Promise yourself (and Mom): You will buy sunscreen. You will apply. You will re-apply. You will not have shin guard/glove tan lines at homecoming this year.

3. Memorize all the words to T. Swift's "End Game" 'cause you already know it's gonna be your squad's 2018 anthem. #endgame #firststring #ateam 

4. Become your team's air dribbling queen/king just because.

5. Get in on the indoor action to give yourself a competitive edge for next fall. (Need some convincing? We asked Team STX athletes about their experiences playing indoor - here's what they had to say.) 

6. Master the post-game selfie. Repeat after me: I will not be the one with my eyes closed in the team pic this season. #postupflawless


So proud of this team. Love you all so much! One more ??????????

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7. Watch ALL the braid tutorials on YouTube. Gotta perfect that fishtail. #bustripbraidgamestrong 

8. Commit to the gym for some Alex Danson - esque muscles. Seriously, can you say arms/legs/abs?? #liftlikeagirl #killingthegame #strong #power (More on Alex's workout routine here!)


It's Friday, time to kick up your heels! ???? #happyfriday #readyfortheweekend #hockeyweekend #fieldhockey

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9. Eat avocado toast everyday with the totally legitimate excuse that it's part of your training regimen. #coachsaid

10. Be THAT person whose drive makes everyone else nervous anytime they are even near your line of fire.


#STX and @usafieldhockey_wnt athlete @twestt11 knows how to be light on her feet! ?????? #airborne #fieldhockey #PlayHuge

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11. Spend more time loving/petting/working out with animals. Official reason: it’s therapeutic and helps prevent burn-out. Actual reason: Life is too short not to spend as much time as possible with these furry, adorable gifts of nature.


I just wanna take you home and snuggle you. ??

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Making friends at the farm on a Monday morning ?? #pipersfarm #devon #redruby

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12. Avoid people who ask you field hockey novice questions like this. Or at least respond with Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively-level sass. #roasted