Women's Lacrosse: Holiday Gift Guide

Dear Everyone,

My wish list this year is pretty simple. Some more gear for your lax girl. Here are a few ideas...please take the hint...xoxoxo.

For the Off-Field Fanatic: Yep. Need to have these.

For the One Who Needs All The New Stuff: This Fortress you can walk into spring season with the flyest new gear.

For the One Who Carries Her Life With Her: This bag so you can bring even your stick with you to class...because why not?

For the Goalie in Your Life: Help her defend like a pro with the Eclipse stick

For the Lover of Ponytail Swag: So you can rock your lady locks, but still see to score. Plus, they always get lost #amiright.

For Your Ride: This bumper sticker, so everyone knows what makes you tick. 


For a Weekend Pickup Game: This set of FiddleSTX Classic.

For the Stat Fanatic: This notebook...because being organized and knowing every game stat is everything. 

For the Girl Who Wants To Give The Whole Lax Thing a Go: This Starter Pack.



Your #1 lax girl

Looking for an athlete's perspective on gear? Click here for college lax player Lucy Ford's review of the Crux i