Team STX Style: Workout #OOTD

In a new STX blog series, Team USA and Philly Force athlete Alyssa Murray shares her outfit of the day. This week, Alyssa shares her go-to workout outfit and tips for choosing your own workout gear - whether you'lll be playing wall ball or taking your favorite class at the gym.

Tips for Choosing Workout Gear:

1. Think about what type of exercise you enjoy most. I love boxing classes with my STX teammate Sloane Serpe. For boxing classes I prefer more fitted clothes, like cropped pants and a tank top, that won't get caught in equipment or get in my way during a move.

But when I'm training for lacrosse, I choose baggier clothes like a t-shirt, shorts and mid calf socks since they're more similar to what I wear during games.

2. Bring layers. I like to wear a few different layers on my way to class since it is usually cold going into the studio, but after working out I'm warm.

3. No matter the exercise, a good pair of running sneakers is key. The Nike Pegasus are some of my favorites - I probably have about 15 pairs total.

My Team STX teammates carry some awesome workout gear to games with them too. See what they bring to game day here